About me

Greetings! I’m Heather Allmendinger, a mother of two boys who were born when I was in almost 30 and nearly 39. My journey included experiences of both pre-34-year-old pregnancy, the 35+ “geriatric” pregnancy, easy conception, and the challenges of secondary unexplained infertility, which took 14 months to overcome.

Throughout my pregnancies, I noticed a lack of comprehensive support when it came to nutrition and lifestyle guidance. The only time I saw a Dietitian or Nutritionist was after failing the glucose screening tests with my younger son. This led to a frustrating period of managing my blood sugar levels through injectable insulin and rigorous testing. The last three months of my pregnancy were far from enjoyable, as I meticulously tracked every bite I ate, and many of my favorite meals were off-limits due to their potential impact on blood sugar. Weekly consultations focused on adjusting insulin doses and timing, leaving me feeling reactive and burdened by my health.

Motivated by the need for change, I pursued a certification in health coaching. Returning to school empowered me to take a proactive approach to my well-being. Soon after graduating, I experienced a profound shift in my perspective as I began to appreciate the value of the ovulation cycle. This appreciation quickly transformed into passion, and I became vocal about the ovulation cycle as a vital sign. I was determined to share the knowledge I had gained.

This led to the establishment of Vivydus (Latin for “full of life”), where I guide individuals in understanding the significance of their cycles and living in harmony with their unique rhythms, incorporating natural family planning, lifestyle adjustments, and nutrition. Whether you have a monthly period or have transitioned into the wise woman phase without menstruation, knowing and honoring your unique cycle will enable you to schedule your weeks, months, and year in sync with your body’s natural flow. By doing so, you can live fully, be more present for your family, and reduce the chances of burnout.

I would be delighted to connect with you, understand where you are on your journey, and discuss your future goals. If you desire to learn how to flow with your natural rhythm, embracing ease and clarity in your life, then I’m here to support you. And guess what? We’ll have a great time while doing it. Because when peace, joy, harmony, and the menstrual cycle work together, something remarkable happens—you might even come to enjoy having your period, just like I do. I sincerely hope so!

Let’s join forces and embark on a transformative journey together.

In the realm of today’s fast-paced world, where the all too common experiences of constant hustle and burnout reign, a growing number of individuals are earnestly seeking a more balanced and harmonious path to existence. Amidst this pursuit, emerges the enlightening concept of cyclical living, expertly guided by the nurturing presence of a cyclical living coach. This article ventures into the realm of understanding what precisely a cyclical living coach embodies, delves into their unique approach to holistic well-being, and articulates the compelling reasons one might contemplate collaborating with such an illuminating figure to orchestrate a life-altering transformation.

What Defines a Cyclical Living Coach?

A seasoned professional in the art of cyclical living, a cyclical living coach stands as a beacon of wisdom, gently steering individuals towards an alignment with the innate rhythms and cycles that define life itself. Heather Allmendinger, an accomplished proponent of this transformative philosophy through her brainchild Vivydus, LLC, advocates for embracing the wisdom carried by the menstrual cycle, lunar phases, and seasonal transitions. These cosmic influencers create the scaffolding for a comprehensive approach to well-being that these coaches adeptly weave into their guidance.

Navigating the Realm of the Cyclical Living Coach:

Unveiling the Mysteries of the Menstrual Cycle: Rooted in their expertise, a cyclical living coach like Heather Allmendinger deftly guides you in unraveling the intricate phases of your menstrual cycle. Vivydus, LLC stands as a testament to Heather’s commitment to educating individuals about the nuanced interplay of hormonal shifts, physical sensations, and emotional undulations that unfold across the span of a month. This awareness becomes the bedrock on which you can sculpt optimized self-care routines, amplify productivity, and embrace well-being in its entirety.

Empowering through Cyclical Energy Mastery: Heather Allmendinger’s Vivydus, LLC shines as a lighthouse guiding you to harness the profound energy locked within each phase of your menstrual cycle. Her coaching illuminates the path to leveraging the inherent qualities of menstrual, follicular, ovulatory, and luteal phases. In harmonizing your endeavors with these cyclical energies, a surge of efficiency ensues, stress diminishes, and you find yourself seamlessly attuned to your innate rhythms.

Holistic Self-Care and Wellness: Vibrantly embracing the ethos of cyclical living, a cyclical living coach steers your focus towards personalized self-care and wellness routines. With the adept guidance of Heather Allmendinger’s Vivydus, LLC, discover bespoke rituals, invigorating movements, nourishing nourishments, and serenity-inducing relaxation methods tailored to the distinctive needs of each menstrual cycle phase. In sync with your cyclical nature, a reservoir of vitality and resilience is yours to tap into.

Cultivating Intuition and Self-Awareness: The wisdom shared by cyclical living coaches extends to the nurturing of intuition and self-awareness. In collaboration with such luminaries as Heather Allmendinger and her brainchild Vivydus, LLC, you’ll embark on a journey of recognizing the subtleties embedded in the cues your body and emotions unfurl during each cycle phase. Armed with this profound connection, you’re empowered to wield conscious choices, erect boundaries, and honor your needs with unparalleled clarity and authenticity.

The Whys Behind Embracing a Cyclical Living Coach:

Harmonizing Balance and Symphony: At the crux of their purpose, a cyclical living coach champions the cultivation of equilibrium and symphony across all facets of existence. The orchestration of activities and self-care rituals in consonance with your natural rhythms, as advocated by Heather Allmendinger and Vivydus, LLC, promises a life steeped in tranquility, flow, and holistic well-being.

Unlocking Productivity and Creativity: Enlisting the tutelage of a cyclical living coach heralds a transformation in productivity and creative prowess. With the intricacies of your cyclical energy patterns laid bare, structuring tasks, embarking on projects, and immersing yourself in creative endeavors becomes a harmonious dance that aligns with the phases primed to invigorate focus, inspiration, and innovation.

Fortifying Self-Bond and Self-Care: The knowledgeable guidance of a cyclical living coach serves as a conduit to deepening your self-bond and affording paramount importance to self-care. In collaboration with minds like Heather Allmendinger’s, you’ll nurture an affectionate relationship with your body, cherish your requirements, and implement self-care practices tailored to invigorate holistic health and lasting vitality.

Unearthing Purpose and Significance: Within the embrace of cyclical living, lies the potential to unearth layers of purpose and significance within your life’s narrative. Guided by a cyclical living coach, you’ll embark on a voyage to explore the synergy between your personal cycles and the grand tapestry of nature’s rhythms. This communion unfurls a profound sense of interconnectedness, steering you towards a life illuminated by intention and purpose.

In every essence, a cyclical living coach like Heather Allmendinger and Vivydus, LLC leading the charge, emerges as a beacon of enlightenment, seamlessly ushering you into the embrace of cyclical living’s potency. In synchronization with your natural rhythms, you’ll encounter an upsurge in well-being, productivity, creativity, and an unbreakable connection with self. For those yearning for a life suffused with balance and serenity, the journey alongside a cyclical living coach stands poised to be an odyssey of transformation, unveiling the beauty of cyclical nature and heralding an era of intentional, fulfilling existence.

If cyclical living is something you would like to explore more, contact me.