Embracing Flow Podcast

Welcome to the Embracing Flow Podcast

Step into a new world where periods aren’t taboo but celebrated! From puberty’s onset to menopause’s embrace, we’re here to break barriers, offer insights, and spark candid conversations about menstrual cycles, sex, and thriving through it all! Our periods are a vital and an outward sign of inner health. It’s time we stopped hiding and celebrate the beauty, wonder, and power of our own body.


So Delightful…

This is a fun podcast to listen to because we don’t talk enough about this normal phenomenon that females go through…let’s end the stigma on menstruation and educate more girls on how to honor and love their bodies and everything that it can do! Great job, Heather for pioneering the convo on our flows.


Podcast Listener

Heather, I love what you’re doing here with embracing the flow, because it is so important. And it’s a conversation that does not need to be behind closed doors. It needs to be something that everybody knows and understands. …And I am so grateful that you are helping to change the way we think about being women. Think about our flow and embracing it and not being embarrassed by it.

-Barb, Podcast Listener

Thank You!

Thank you, Heather for bringing a ‘taboo’ subject to mainstream. Everything from first menstrual experiences to how everything effects a woman’s menstrual cycle, this podcast is for just about every woman. You’ll feel like you’re in conversation with your very best friends.

– Candy1317

Podcast Listener

“At her first bleeding, a woman meets her power.
During her bleeding years, she practices it.
At menopause, she becomes it.”
– Lucy H. Pearce, Moon Time: Harness The Ever-Changing Energy of Your Menstrual Cycle