Embrace Yourself Program

Key Highlights

12 Weekly Group Sessions: Dive into engaging group discussions, led by experienced wellness experts, focusing on fertility awareness training, nutrition, and cycle syncing.

Personalized Office Hours: Gain individualized support with dedicated one-on-one sessions to address your specific concerns and progress.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Learn a fertility awareness method supported by Fertility Education and Medical Management (FEMM), explore nutrition strategies, and master the art of syncing your cycle for enhanced well-being.

The Embrace Yourself Program is a revolutionary 12-week wellness journey designed for those aged 25-45 seeking relief from common menstrual cycle complaints like painful periods, PMS, PMDD, or heavy cycles. It’s for those wanting an alternative to hormonal birth control, interested in fertility awareness, or just want to know their reproductive health and body better through period tracking. Our program combines expert guidance, group support, and personalized attention to empower you on a transformative path towards understanding your body’s rhythms and optimizing your health.


Empowerment and Understanding:

Discover the power within your body’s rhythms. Gain a deeper understanding of your cycles, manage symptoms effectively, and embrace a holistic approach to wellness.

Community Support

Connect with a supportive community sharing similar journeys. Foster meaningful relationships, exchange experiences, and find solidarity in your quest for wellness. There is a private Facebook group for all clients of the Embrace Yourself program.

Personalized Guidance

Receive personalized attention and guidance. Heather tailors strategies to your unique needs, empowering you to make informed choices for a healthier lifestyle.

Meet Heather

Before finding her calling, Heather spent 25 years of her life in the corporate world feeling overwhelmed and out of balance. As she navigated various forms of hormonal birth control, she always sensed something was amiss.

Then she became a certified health coach and FEMM trainer and learned how the ovulation cycles are not mere biological processes, but vital signs of our well-being. Through her studies, she discovered how ovulation impacts physical, emotional, and mental health as well as time management, relationships, productivity, creativity, and hormonal balance. Learn more about Heather.


This course gave me a lot of information on female hormones that I didn’t understand/know before.


Prior Client

I love the visuals to see the charting and changes easily and exercises to be sure I’m understanding the info.


Prior Client

I wish I had known this stuff much earlier in life.


Prior Client



Week 1: Understand Your Body and Charting Your Health

Week 2: Traffic Light Eating

Week 3: Understand Your Menstrual Cycle

Week 4: Protein and Play

Week 5: Family Planning

Weeks 6: The Skinny on Fat

Week7: Cycle Syncing Part 1- Menstruation and Follicular Phases

Week 8: Carbohydrates – Starches, Fibers, and Sugar

Week 9: Cycle Syncing Part 2 – Ovulation and Luteal Phases

Week 10: Hydration

Week 11: Stress

Week 12: History of Hormonal Birth Control and Reproductive Continuum

Office Hours and Personalized Support

Each participant will have a 30 minute one to one session with the instructor weekly, to review charting and discuss concerns pertaining to cycles. All participants will be able to contact Heather during office hours on Wednesday and Thursday from 10am to 3pm Eastern time.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m busy, how much time will this take?

It will take 90 minutes a week for the class and under 2 minutes a day for tracking. There will be a 30 minute session scheduled weekly to review charts and other personal information. It is recommended that these sessions be attended to confirm tracking is being done accurately. If there is concern over the extra 30 minute session, please bring this up in the interview call to see about alternative arrangements.

What exactly do I get when I join?

Tools that will allow you to be one of the 3% of individuals in the world who know how to decrease brain fog, weight gain, heavy, long, and/or painful periods, how to track your menstrual cycle via paper or app, how to know when your body needs medical attention, when to engage or abstain to prevent or improve chances of conception, how to decrease PMS or PMDD symptoms, foods to eat during each phase of your cycle, how to plan out your weeks, months, and year in flow.

When will this program start?

Sign up for the newsletter to find out additional program dates.

Is this live or pre-recorded?

Weekly sessions are live and will be recorded for replay within 24 hours of weekly session.

Will I get support? Is this self study?

Yes, you will have support, and part is self study if live calls are missed. Office hours will be available for unscheduled 1:1 calls, each participant will have a pre-scheduled 30 minute per week session with Heather to review charts and person questions regarding cycles, there will be a private group page for those signed up for the class, plus direct access to me via a communication app.

What is the refund policy?

Once access is granted, by signing and returning the program contract, no refunds are permitted.

What if I don’t want to have children, is this program for me?

Yes, this program will educate you on how to prevent pregnancy without the need for hormonal birth control. It will give you the power to make the best decisions for you and your body.

Will this program work if I am coming off hormonal birth control?

Yes, this will work if you are coming off of hormonal birth control. You will learn what your body is currently communicating while on hormonal birth control and you will see and understand in real time how your body and cycle changes as it begins to readjust after ceasing hormonal birth control.

What’s the difference between this and what I can find on Google or YouTube?

Google has a lot of great information, yet conflicting information. By working with a coach, you get one to one attention when needed, plus science backed information that is hard to find on Google. You’ll get a more tailored approach to your situation versus an umbrella approach. Learning a fertility awareness method can be done on a do it yourself basis, however it can take over 6 months to really understand what is happening and know for certain your fertile and infertile days. With Embrace Yourself, you learn how to period track and understand your body in 12 weeks, leaving the program with a solid knowledge of your unique menstrual cycle and how to best support it.

Do I need to have supplements or a deprivation meal plan?

No, supplements or deprivation meal plans are not required or needed. Changes can be seen and goals accomplished with regular whole foods found in a traditional grocery store. If you are interested in supplementation, we can schedule a separate call to discuss goals and what supplements are available to enhance your journey. If you’d like to see what’s available visit the store.

Who is this program suitable for?

This program is designed for individuals and couples who want to conceive naturally, those interested in natural ways of addressing reproductive issues, balancing hormones, and pregnancy prevention without the need for prescriptions or medical devices inserted into their body.

What qualifications and expertise do you bring as the instructor?

I’m a Certified Health Coach for Families, Pregnancy, and Senior life, a trainer in Fertility Education and Medical Management’s fertility awareness protocol, and have been cyclically living for over 2 years. I am currently enrolled in the Period Coaching School working on certification as a Period Coach.

Is this program suitable for individuals with irregular cycles, in peri-menopause, or not menstruating due to just delivering a baby or nursing?

Yes, this program can help individuals understand their cycle better, see what hormones are at play, learn how to possibly regulate your cycle, see when a period may return postpartum, along with learning when ovulation is returning while nursing.

Can I join the program if I have specific health conditions or are on medication?

Yes, this program can be used by individuals with pre-existing conditions or on medications. We can review your unique individual situation during the interview call to discuss how this program may benefit you.

Are You Ready to Embrace Yourself?

At Vivydus, the Full of Life Company we understand the value of investing in your well-being. Our 12-week journey, packed with expert guidance, personalized attention, and transformative insights, comes at an investment of $1500.00. We believe this is more than a program; it’s an investment in reclaiming control over your menstrual health and overall wellness. The cost encompasses not just the comprehensive curriculum on fertility awareness, nutrition, and cycle syncing but also grants you exclusive access to dedicated office hours and a supportive community of like-minded individuals. By committing to this journey, you’re investing in a life-changing experience that will empower you to understand your body’s rhythms, manage discomfort, and cultivate lasting habits for a healthier, happier you. Think of it as an invaluable investment in yourself, paving the way for improved well-being and a renewed connection with your body. Click here to schedule your 30 minute discovery call with Heather. On this call you’ll share more in detail where you are and your goals to see if this program is for you.